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Welcome to Issue #9. The theme of this newsletter is creativity. National Creativity Day happened in the U.S. on May 30th. It's really something we can do everyday.

Twyla Tharp, the great American dancer, and choreographer, who is 79, works just as hard today as she ever did in her 60-year career. She was featured in the April newsletter after her new PBS released her new documentary, Twyla Moves. She says creativity is for everyone and is mostly about hard work and developing good work habits. In her book, The Creative Habit, she has no shortage of zinger quotes:

The Zen master cleans his own studio. So should you.

The goal is to connect with something old so it becomes new... Look and imagine.

In the end, all collaborations are love stories.

The folks behind The Second City improvisational theater troupe view collaboration as an "ensemble" and want you to steer clear of the word, "team". In their book, "Yes, And", Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton recommend answering every question with "Yes, And...".

The "Yes, And" attitude requests that you replace all the teams in your organization with an ensemble. Sheldon Patinkin, who was a director and teacher at The Second City for more than fifty years didn't like the word, teams. He often told his students one reason organizations have problems was because they used the word, teams, in a way that pitted people against each other:

Youโ€™re only as good as your weakest member.

Patinkin changed it to an ensemble-friendly statement:

Youโ€™re only as good as your ability to compensate for your weakest member.

Teams feel adversarial while ensembles are collaborative. The best creative ideas, comedy, and workplace cultures that follow a "Yes, Any" attitude are more inventive, more engaged and more effective in solving problems. Instead of immediately criticizing or killing an idea, "Yes, And" always starts by giving every idea a chance.

The next time you want to make someone wrong, think of your team as an ensemble. Surrender judgment and your need to be right. People will be happier, more creative and collaborative. And you'll make more friends!

Stay safe. Stay sane. Get vaccinated.


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