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Welcome to the 6th issue of our newsletter. The theme of this issue is mothers, which is captured in this short poem:

Wrap me in your arms

when my world falls apart

There's no place as safe

as a mother's embrace.

In a 2020 survey of how the pandemic is taking a toll on parents, 90% of mothers reported feeling more tired and having less energy than before the pandemic (it was 35% for fathers).

While the pandemic has been called a she-recession, it has been felt most by moms. Mothers have been more likely to leave the workforce. For same-sex couples, when they have children, the lower-earning parent likely does more in the house for the children. Mothers are considered historically the primary parent and the parent society blames when something goes wrong.

In honour of mothers everywhere, please watch the two short videos in the POP CULTURE section called, Dear Mom and Mother.

Even though it won't fix everything, consider giving mom a day off alone or a few hours alone once or twice a week.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Wear a mask.


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