The theme of this issue is regret. 😔 I hadn't thought about this topic much before. In the past, my default answer when asked about regrets was, “I don't have any ". 😛 I was like the guy in "We’re the Millers". If I told this to President Biden, I bet he’d say, “That’s a bunch of malarkey“.

Everyone has regrets, especially in the short term, which can feel devastating at the time. Short-term regrets become less significant with time. It’s the long-term regrets that linger and fester as we get older and look back on things we wanted to do but never did.

I’ve watched many smart and talented friends admit to me, saying, “I’m a screwup” when something bad happened and they felt completely alone and responsible. I’ve had the same thoughts and said the same words, especially early in my career, when I keep my failures private. Along the way, I learned that saying, “I screwed up” is so much lighter 😌 and allows you to move past a regret instead of replaying the same "I'm a screwup" story in your head. Stop beating yourself up and be kinder to yourself.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. —Maya Angelou

One of the biggest regrets people have is about education. They regret not going, not completing, or taking too long to go back to school. This past month has been graduation season with thousands of convocation ceremonies. This issue is dedicated to the millions of graduates who completed their studies. and in particular to 6 grads who shared their views (See the Notable People section). Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

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